Proceeds DirectlyBenefit PatientsLike Dapo, CHEYENNE AND MICHELA


“They helped me relax and have hope.”

- Dapo, BWH Patient

On waking up after spending 10 days on a ventilator in Sarnia due to COVID-19, 42-year-old Dapo wasn’t able to walk, but his nurse assured him he was on course to getting better. He is glad to be alive, and very grateful to the healthcare team who helped him get home to his family.

“Bluewater Health helped me immensely. I got counselling through them, did programs like a five-week outpatient. My sobriety date is January 8, 2019. I didn’t have to live in pain anymore and I had people I could talk to that understood me.”

  Cheyenne, BWH Patient

“One thing I wish I could say to the surgeon who took care of me was that he didn’t just put my leg back together, he put my life back together.”

  Michela, BWH Patient

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