Proceeds DirectlyBenefit PatientsLike Michelle, Emily, Tabitha, and Lindsay


“Bluewater Health gave me a fighting chance at defeating breast cancer.”

  Michelle Weiss, Breast Cancer Fighter and Survivor, Grateful Patient

“From the beginning of my cancer journey, I told myself to stay positive and stay brave. But there were some days when you just felt like you couldn’t do it anymore. But the support I received at Bluewater Health was incredible. I wouldn’t have made it without their support.”

  Emily Ager, BWH Patient

“I was brought up to the mental health floor where I stayed for a week. I remember the first day, I was beyond scared. Meeting Beth, the therapist on that floor, and participating in Recreation Therapy saved my life. There is comfort to know that there is support available at Bluewater Health should I need it again in the future.”

  Lindsay Kirkland, Mental Illness Fighter & Survivor, Grateful Patient


Tabitha Brinn

“Delivering my first child was one of the most frightening and amazing experiences of my life. My experience giving birth at Bluewater Health was absolutely phenomenal. The staff and doctor were there for me every step of the way, assuring me that I was safe, supported and I could do it. I will never forget them!”

  Tabitha Brinn, Mother and Grateful Patient

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